Sprinkler systems have been used to protect people and property in commercial buildings since the 1800's. However, this technology was considered impractical for residential buildings due to expensive installations and complex piping configurations. These limitations were unfortunate and resulted in roughly 90% of civilian fire deaths in the United States to occur in homes.

It wasn't until 1973 that the National Fire Protection Association created a subcommittee to find an effective and inexpensive method to bring this technology where it was needed the most. The result was the introduction of NFPA 13D. This code offered a flexible option to providing life safety in houses throughout the country. NFPA 13D differed from the original NFPA 13 with the following details:

  • An increased focus on life-safety for the occupants in the building
  • A much less expensive installation process than commercial systems
  • New design to control fires with significantly less water and water pressure
  • Simplified piping configurations to ensure aesthetic integrity of the home

This new technology is a breakthrough in home fire safety. The National Fire Protection Association reports that 18.5% of homes built since 2012 are equipped with automatic sprinkler systems compared to 3.9% in 2007. In fact, many of our employees have installed residential sprinkler systems in their homes to protect their own families. At Augusto Sprinkler, we can work with you to customize a system to meet the needs of you and your family.