Bill Augusto learned the pipefitter's trade as a superintendent at Rockwood Sprinkler in Worcester, MA. Rather than rest on his laurels, Bill opted to take a risk. In 1961, he left Rockwood Sprinkler to start his own business to specialize in designing and installing fire protection systems of all kinds. With a long list of installations to point to, Bill quickly filled a blackboard at his office in Shrewsbury with a dozens of new jobs that awaited sprinkler systems. Following the initial success, Bill was eager to involve his family in the business. He enlisted the help of his son, Joe, to fill a leadership role in the company. The father and son team formed Augusto Sprinkler in 1978.

While Bill handled the engineering and estimating Joe was delegated with the task of supervising the construction and installation. As Bill retired from the industry, Joe stepped into the office to fill his role. After years of working in the field, an office desk was a change of scenery for Joe. While taking orders and scheduling projects, Joe still found himself diagnosing issues in the field over phone calls made from his office. His magnetic personality and hands-one experience created a unique interaction for Augusto Sprinkler customers. Joe was able to provide the engineering of a large corporation while ensuring the convenience and personal interactions of a family-owned business.

The company was growing much larger than Joe ever expected. Augusto Sprinkler was being spread by word-of-mouth by customers throughout Massachusetts. To keep up with demand fifteen year-old Rob Augusto began working in the field. Working summer and after-school hours, Rob would arrived at job sites to act as an assistant for the foremen. From this exposure Rob learned advanced installation techniques at a young age. At 22-years old, Rob began teaching himself complicated software applications to meet the needs of a changing industry. Now in his 20th year with Augusto Sprinkler, Rob couples his understanding of computer modeling and hydraulic calculations with his personal experience of leading installation processes. With this background he is able to provide a comprehensive, field-tested perspective to the system design process.

Today Joe and Rob work side-by-side, using their experience, cutting-edge technology and team of engineers to build one of the finest reputations in the fire sprinkler industry.